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MINUTES - 08.08.2014 - WCKNC



Call to Order:

Meeting called to order by President Scott Suh at 1850

Roll Call:

Members Present:

Sung Hoon Yoon, Scott Suh, Jeannie Hee Lee, David E. Ryu, Christine N. Lee, Sang Kyun Kwak, Jayson K. Choi, Aura Vasquez, Edward Colacion, Vahe G. (arrived at 1902), Chima Anyadike-Danes, Bill Robinson, Young Kim, Brady Collins, Elizabeth Isralowitz (elected during the meeting).

Members Absent:

Caroline J. Sim, Susan Lee, Don Cho, Niroshan Kahawatte, Sang Li, Samuel Sukhaton, Homyung Kang, James Y. Jung, Alex Cha, Majiib Kahawatte

Member Vacancy

At-Large (filled during the meeting), Youth.

In Attendance

Juan Gill - Stakeholder Rhett Paranay - Stakeholder Joon Um - Stakeholder

Jennifer Mendoza - Stakeholder Mayra Jimenez - Stakeholder Mihae Jung - Stakeholder Sung S. Lim - Stakeholder David J. Myung - Stakeholder

Angelo Yenko - Representative for Council member Mitch O’Farrell. Harry Cho - LAPD’s Olympic Division Rep.

Taneda Larios - Department of Neighborhood Empowerment Representative for South Los Angeles

Tina Nieto - LAPD Captain and Area Commanding Officer Olympic Division Veronica de la Cruz-Robles - Neighborhood Prosecutor


  • Angelo Yenko - September 15th 2014: Metro will be raising fares. Angelo will be organizing a clean-up in the Westlake area in partnership with KYCC for this Saturday. Asks if someone in the WCKNC will take the lead on this for this area. References hit and run back in July on Beverly and Normandie. No suspect as yet will likely lead to a reward being offered at City Council.
  • Harry Cho - reports an uptick in violent crime, which he believes has spilled over from Rampart. Has led to Captain Nieto sending extra support from other divisions. While not yet confirmed he believes that this is gang-related. Warns about the continual problem of vehicular theft.
  • Veronica de la Cruz-Robles - introduces herself and her role, which is to handle cases related to quality of life and misdemeanor (N.B. Neighborhood Prosecutors do not handle juvenile cases). Answers questions relating to illegal dumping. Contact details are as follows: email: , desk phone: (213) 978-7939 or General Neighborhood prosecutor line (213) 978-7878
  • Taneda Larios - Has spoken to Darren Martinez, of the City Attorney’s office, regarding the vacancy policy. His advice is that the 30 day limit regarding vacancies is not a cut-off point for filling the seats. It is merely meant ‘as a fairness period’. Announces that Congress of Neighborhood Councils Meeting will
  • Tina Nieto introduces herself to the board.
  • Nominated for this position:
    • Bill Robinson proposed by Jayson Choi and seconded by Sang Kwak. Brady Collins proposed by David Ryu and seconded by Aura Vasquez.
    • Result: Bill (8) Brady (5) Abstain (0) Absent (0) Pass (Yes, with the election of Mr. Bill Robinson)
      • Recommendation by the Chair Scott Suh that Brady Collins work as an unofficial vice-chair of this committee due to his professional background in urban planning.
      • Nominated for this position:
        • Aura Vasquez proposed by and seconded by Chima Anyadike-Danes
        • Result: Yes (13) No (0) Abstain (0) Absent (0) Pass (Yes)
        • After no interest was shown in this position the Chair, Scott Suh, decided to continue it until next month.

Public Comment was held with the following stakeholders commenting:Anne Porter with Move to Amend


Item 6 A, Discussion and action on WCKNC’s proposed budget

Result: Yes (14) No (0) Abstain (0) Absent (0) Pass (Yes)

Item 6 B, Discussion and election of chairs for the following committees: Land use and Planning, Public Safety, and Neighborhood Beautification.

  1. Land-use and Planning
  1. Public Safety
  1. Neighborhood Beautification

Item 6 C, Discussion and possible action on the appointment of members to the Board’s committees: Rules and Elections, Budget, Finance, and Fundraising, Government Relations and Bylaws, Outreach/Communications, Land Use and Planning, Public Safety, and the Neighborhood Beautification.

Result: Continued until next month at the request of the chair.

Item 6 D, Contested election between Jun Um, Rebecca Ronquillo, and Elizabeth Isralowitz, for the Board’s Community Interest Representative seat.

Result: The board received information from her co-worker, Mr. Brady Collins, that Miz Ronquillo was no longer interested in running for this position, so it was decided that this election would be contested between the remaining candidates: Miz Elizabeth Isralowitz and Mr Jun Um (Per the by-laws this election allows for the participation of stakeholders).

Elizabeth (14) Jun (2) Abstain (3) Absent (0) Pass (Yes, with the election of Miz Isralowitz)

Item 7, Discussion and possible action regarding the language of section 6 - section related to vacancies and elections- of WCKNC’s by-laws, so as to make clear the procedures to be followed in the event of a vacancy.

Result: After consultation with DONE representative, Taneda Larios, the Board instructed Mr. Bill Robinson, in his capacity Executive Vice-President, to prepare a series of proposals relating to areas of the by-laws that required amendment.

Item 8, Discussion and possible action regarding the demolition of the historic building at 3386 San Marino Street.

Result: Owing to the absence of the stakeholder who had proposed this item the chair requested it be continued until next month.

Item 9, Discussion and possible action regarding Council File: 13-1374 - Council members O’Farrell and Koretz’s motion that the City Attorney be requested to prepare and present an ordinance which would prohibit the growth of genetically modified (GM) crops within City limits.

Motion of support by Aura Vasquez to support Councilmembers O’Farrell and Koretz’s request to the City Attorney that an ordinance be passed prohibiting the growth of genetically modified

seeds within city limits. This motion is seconded by Vahe G.

Result: Yes (15) No (0) Abstain (0) Absent (0) Pass (With unanimous approval)

Item 10, Discussion and possible action concerning Board Member Don Cho’s repeated absences.

Result: A letter of concern will be sent to Don Cho in accordance with the By-Laws.

Meeting Adjourned by Scott Suh at 1955

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