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TUX Team EmpowerLA

We’re the Technology and User Experience (TUX) Team! Ever wonder where your Newsletter comes from, who’s behind Elections events, or who can connect you to That’d be us. Technology, Outreach and Elections are our specialty, so it’s high time we introduced ourselves to you personally.

Fipe Leilua

Fipe is a native Angeleno and is extremely happy to be a part of the TUX Team at EmpowerLA as the Civic Engagement Strategist.  She is studying her masters in City Planning at San Diego State University.  She was introduced to City Council while in her primary school years, and since then she has been following her career path in city planning to influence the city she loves—Los Angeles!  In addition to working with neighborhood councils and striving towards her goals, the very little spare time she has she spends with children at the Children’s Hospitals.

Jose Galdamez

Jose is a local from L.A. and has been part of EmpowerLA since 2012. He worked on the previous 2012 NC Elections and met a lot of interesting people around L.A. that had great stories about their neighborhoods. Ever since he is glad to be part of the TUX Team at EmpowerLA as the Media Strategist. Jose studied at California State University Northridge, majoring in Urban Studies and Planning. In his internship he worked on transit advocacy to improve public transit in the San Fernando Valley. During his free time he enjoys going hiking, camping and trying outdoor sports. One things he is still fears is being in high places, but it does not stop him from trying rock climbing.

Nancy Fuentes

Nancy is from Los Angeles and has been residing in East Hollywood for over 10 years now. She became involved with EmpowerLA during the 2012 Neighborhood Council Elections as a volunteer and she has participated as a volunteer for the Major Eric Garcetti’s inauguration, the Mayor’s budget plan and other interesting events with the TUX Team, which she enjoyed very much. She is now the Volunteer Coordinator for the TUX Team at EmpowerLA. She is currently attending Everest College in Culver City. Her goal is to one day become a detective and be a good role model for her son. Nancy enjoys outdoor activities and going to the movies even though she is afraid of small tight places,  theaters does not keep her away from enjoying a great movie.

Sevak Paramazian

Sevak came to L.A. at the ripe old age of 14. He received a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting from California State University Los Angeles before becoming the Digital Strategist of the TUX Team at EmpowerLA. He enjoys using his tech skills to empower the people of Los Angeles and bring more innovation into civic engagement. Sevak is currently pursuing his CPA license, but in his free time you’ll find him in the garage working on his 1971 BMW 2002 a.k.a “Doedoe”.

Rachel Horst

Rachel is new to L.A. and is happy to join the TUX Team at EmpowerLA, where it’s kind of like meeting 4 million new neighbors at a giant dinner party. She’s studying Public Policy at the Luskin School at UCLA. Rachel considers coming into possession of her first ever community garden plot the highlight of living in Los Angeles. Before coming to L.A., Rachel lived and worked in New York City, writing speeches for various important individuals. In addition to working with Neighborhood Councils on elections and outreach as the Public Advocacy Coordinator, Rachel has been spotted on multiple occasions learning new combinations at the dance studio. Unfortunately, living in California has not yet cured Rachel of her fear of flying. But it does allow her to practice her cooking skills by using avocados in as many combinations as possible.

Arin Abedian

Arin has been living in L.A. since the age of 11 and has enjoyed every minute of it. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business  Administration (Marketing concentrating) from the University of Southern California. However, his work experience comes mainly from the entertainment industry. He has extensive experience in live sound reinforcement and has passion in photography and cinematography. Hence, as a Multimedia Marketing Strategist, he is excited to be part of the TUX team, where creativity is encouraged. When he’s not working or messing around with his DSLR, he is slapping t

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